Thursday, September 19, 2013

custom sandals from capri

Two weekends ago when I was in the Amalfi Coast, I was lucky enough to snag a pair of custom made sandals from Capri! If you're headed to Amalfi, I highly recommend it. I've seen plenty of custom sandal shops in Capri as well as a few in Positano. You choose your strap color and the jewels you want on the strap as well as the strap design. Then they make it right in front of you!
My sandals, on the left :)
  When I studied abroad two years ago, I went to Capri a week before I went back home. My budget only allowed for either a pair of custom sandals or a leather jacket - I chose the leather jacket last time, so this time around I made sure to go straight for the sandals! What I didn't know last time was that you can haggle the price. I got a 100+ euro pair for 75 euro. Better than nothing!

I know it's pretty much "fall," but since it's still warm, I'm getting as much use out of these sandals as I can get before I pack 'em away till spring. :)


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  1. First off - so lucky you got to go to the Almafi coast! Must have been gorgeous. Secondly, those flats are beautiful!! Love the jewels on them xo