Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspired By The World...

So I am currently obsessing over lookbook.nu. I needed some fashion inspiration for the big Europe trip I'm taking in a couple weeks so I looked no further than Lookbook. I have to say, the street style around the world is incredible! I even put together some inspiration pages for a few of the places I'm going and hung them on my wall to get me in the mode for attempting to dress like these classy Europeans:

Florence, Italy
(I'm just dying for that monogrammed necklace)

London, England

Barcelona, Spain

*All street style photos are from Lookbook. Other clothing photos are from Forever 21 and TopShop with the exception of the monogrammed necklace, which is by Moon & Lola, and the pink Kate Spade ring on the Barcelona page.
Note: The pendant necklace in the London page has the Eiffel Tower on it. Yes, I do know that London is in England and not France. Just thought it was a cute necklace :)

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