Sunny Sweetheart is a personal style blog by Ally Archer, a major girly girl who enjoys fashion, traveling, dancing, social media, and all things glitter. Ally is a summer girl at heart and loves spending time outside in beautiful sunny weather, whether it outside at brunch with friends or on the beach reading a book. Known for her bubbly, friendly personality, Ally is often called a "sweetie" or "sweetheart" by family and friends. Therefore, Ally thought it would only be fitting to name this blog Sunny Sweetheart.

Why did you start this blog?
Since middle school, I’ve been reading a number of fashion magazines and have always been interested in putting together unique outfits that represent my style. In high school, I started reading a few fashion blogs regularly, and had my first internship with College Fashion by photographing and interviewing girls at college with “campus street style.” After writing for CF, I was itching to start my own blog! In March 2011, I created Sunny Sweetheart. 

One of my main goals for Sunny Sweetheart was to post photos of my outfits. I love looking back at old posts and seeing how my style evolves and photography improves, as well as reading the random tidbits I wrote that day. It’s kind of like a diary, and I enjoy looking back! In addition to just writing and taking photos, I love reading the sweet comments you all post – you’re amazing for taking the time to stop by and read this little blog!

What do you blog about?
Personal style (outfits!), fashion trends, and photos from whatever I’m up to. Currently I’m working for a travel company in Europe, so I’ve been posting a lot of photos from my experiences abroad as well.

What did you study in college?
I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2013 (go zags!) with a major in Public Relations and a double minor in Promotions and Journalism. I’ve always been passionate about those areas and truly enjoyed going to class! For my senior capstone,  I wrote my thesis on personal style bloggers in public relations.

Who takes your photos?
My friends – they are incredibly awesome for taking a few minutes out of their day to shoot photos for me!

What kind of camera do you use?
A Nikon D3200 with the standard lens.

How do you describe your style?
My style is always slightly evolving, whether it is what stage of life I’m in or being inspired by new trends. I’ve always stuck to my “look” which tends to be classic and girly. I tend to gravitate toward denim, stripes, flats, sunglasses, and anything that sparkles.

Where do you shop?
Currently, my favorite stores/brands are...

What makeup do you use?
For my face I use an Urban Decay liquid base and MAC bronzer.

For my eyes I wear the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette, Benefit Boing concealer, Urban Decay eye shadow primer, Maybelline black gel eye liner, and Maybelline Volum’ Express mascaras (both regular and waterproof).

For brushes I’ve been using MAC ones for years, and a Too Faced powder brush for my bronzer.

What do you do for fun?
Well, my job is pretty fun – traveling around Europe, doing social media, events, sales, etc…..but for relaxation I enjoy reading blogs (haha, obviously), reading books, teaching Zumba Fitness classes, going to brunch with friends (love a good eggs benedict), shopping, and traveling.

How do I contact you?
Please email me anytime at ally_sunnysweetheart@hotmail.com.

Other ways to follow along:
Instagram: @allyarcher
Twitter: @allyarcher
Tumblr: the-americangirl.tumblr.com
Pinterest: pinterest.com/allyarcher