Saturday, April 19, 2014

tumblr saturday #99

Happy weekend! I know this post is a little late in the morning and I've lacked some posts this week. My old laptop was having issues so I traded it in for a new one, and this new one has even more issues! I swear, I have am cursed with computers. Haha. (Even the guys at the store agreed). Without further ado, here are my faves floating around Tumblr this week:
'merican mason jars



moment of silence for when Jenny looked normal….

She was SO beautiful

Was? Taylor Momsen is still the same fucking person she IS beautiful
Vintage photo of Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen (Blair and Jenny) from around the time of the first season of Gossip Girl!
Fun colored bar car complete with Lilly drinkware, cupcakes, and Perrier.
Cool above/underwater photo.
The Little Rascals: "Quick. What's the number for 911?"

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