Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Wednesday, We Celebrate The 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls (+ 9 Deleted Scenes Videos!)

If you've been stopping by the blog lately, you've probably noticed the #MeanGirlsMonday posts. For the past five weeks, I've celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls (which is today!) by putting together outfits each inspired by a quote from the movie. You can see all the greatness here:

Now, onto to the good stuff. If you've seen the movie a gazillion times and can quote every line, here's some new material: 9 deleted scenes! Is it just me, or were some of these scenes actually in the movie when it was in theaters? Also, the fact that the 10th anniversary falls on a Wednesday is almost as grool fetch fun as October 3rd being an unofficial holiday.

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