Friday, April 4, 2014

is balayage the new ombre?
Similar to ombre, balayage is a French hair painting technique that became popular in the 1970s where the stylist paints the color onto the hair. Balayage is done in a "sweeping" motion where the roots typically aren't colored, but instead the color subtly fades for a more "natural" look. Different than ombre, balayage doesn't have that straight line in the middle of the hair, which usually looks better curled or wavy than straight. When I got my hair trimmed recently, I asked my stylist about possibly doing ombre in the future to switch up my look. She suggested balayage instead since it can be more subtle, less maintenance (it looks fine straight, wavy, or curled), and doesn't require touch-ups often. Since then, I've been hearing the term balayge all over the place. So is balayage the "new" ombre, or will it just supplement hair color options as women look for different ways to color their hair?
Subtle balayge
This one looks more ombre than balayage, but isn't it beautiful?

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