Monday, December 23, 2013

last-minute stocking stuffers under $20!

I love getting Christmas gifts for other people. Sometimes I give a person one or two main gifts, or just a bunch of little things. I always tend to find small extras for family or close friends last-minute and add it to the collection of presents! Sometimes I can't help it - yes, I love all kinds of shopping, even when it's for other people. ;)

1. Thank you cards - you know I'll be sending out my thank yous after the holidays!
2. Candles - pretty, and come in multiple colors
3. The Alchemist - my favorite book - currently reading it for the fourth time. I recommend it to everyone!
4. Champagne colored nail polish - perfect for NYE
5. Elastic hair ties - could always use an extra
6. EOS lip balm - love this stuff
7. Gold dipped playing cards - so cool!
8. Christmas cookies (from this pin) - delicious, totally original, and from the heart!


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