Wednesday, August 7, 2013

weekly wishlist

I'm always browsing the web at shops online, seeing what the latest pieces are in the collection. Oftentimes I come across quite a few things I really like and add them to a mental wishlist. If I'm still thinking about it days or weeks later, I might go ahead and take the plunge. Now I'd like to move my mental wishlist onto the blog. Here's what I'm currently crushing on in the wardrobe department:
How adorable is this bow? Sometimes I'll tie a ribbon in my ponytail or around a topknot, but an actual bow would make the hair style really fun and extra girly. A personalized monogram is a bonus!

I linked to these shoes at the bottom of this post and have been thinking about them ever since. The neutral color would go with everything and the straps make the shoes feel a little more 'glam.'
This week's wishlist would not be complete without one of the new dresses from Red Dress Boutique. This particular one has gorgeous beading with my favorite color (pink) -- would be fun to wear on a night out!


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