Tuesday, March 5, 2013

matching colors to your skin tone

This morning I gave a class presentation on finding the perfect colors for your skin tone. I cited this vintage College Fashion article, which played off this article. I found it so interesting! Everyone is one of four "seasons," and each season has criteria with certain colors that look great and certain colors to avoid. After explaining each "season," I showed outfit examples from Gossip Girl characters. I've noticed throughout the series that the characters often stick to a similar color palette with their wardrobes. Here is my slideshow...

*all photos found using Google images

And this is what I wore to the presentation - I am definitely a "winter."

Remember, you may be a mix of certain seasons, or this criteria might not totally fit everyone. These are just recommendations! Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

What is your "season?"



  1. I miss watching gossip girls fashion.

  2. I loved Gossip Girl! And I'm also fascinated with how the use of color changes so much throughout the seasons! Keeps life interesting right?!