Monday, February 25, 2013

spring break shopping list: wedges

Another item on my spring break shopping list is a pair of wedges. The only wedges I have are black winter boot wedges...which won't work with the dresses I plan on wearing during the daytime! A classic pair of brown wedges has been on my shopping list since last summer, and I want to wait to get some until I find that perfect pair. Here are some pairs I'm considering (and I need to get on this; spring break is only a few weeks away):

One extra pair: I thought these DVF mini wedges were super fun :)

Which is your favorite? Let me know if you have any suggestions not on this list! I'd love to look at more options.

Thanks for reading :) Happy Monday!



  1. I think the DVF Mini wedges are really cute! x

  2. Your blog is perfect! Loving your sense of style! I am now a fan!

    Happy blogging xo


  3. I can't choose between #1 & #2 ... leaning towards ... #1.

    Hope you had a fab weekend!
    World According to Shia

  4. I would love to replace my old white wedge sandals! These are cute!