Sunday, February 10, 2013

chasing the saturdays

Have any of you been watching Chasing the Saturdays? I've been watching it here and there, catching an episode when it's on TV. If you've been following my blog for a really long time, you can read a vintage post about The Saturdays fashion here!
Loving the black and white dress! [photo]
LBDs are always a chic option. [photo]

I'm currently watching an episode while they are trying to talk in American accents. It's so fun to hear people with different accents try an American one! When people hear me try to speak in different accents, however, it's more funny to listen than fun - I'm so bad at accents! (One time I was trying to speak in an Irish accent and I got, "So are you trying to do French or Australian?" Yeah....)

They also mentioned something about fried butter in the county fair episode... I'm so glad I've never eaten fried butter! Yikes. That sounds like the unhealthiest, most heart-clogging thing to eat.

Have you been watching the show? Do you like their music?


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