Saturday, January 26, 2013

tumblr saturday #36

Happy weekend! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
Loving the princess's dress.
Beautiful steps.
Now do I see Lilly, Tory, and Jacks? Traveling in style!
To find time to read is the greatest luxury.

Loving that coat!

Aww, The Parent Trap was my favorite movie when I was little :)

Soooooo got really busy and didn't post Friday's Fancies yesterday!!!! (Well, this week in general has just been busy). Sorry 'bout that. The theme was black and white, which I wrote about a few days ago :)


PS - image credits may be found on my tumblr

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  1. I don't know what to comment on, because I love everything you just said! The Duchess is beautiful! Those steps are enchanting! I want that style! And I love the parent trap! Too bad Lindsey changed too much... Yeah usually comment on only one or two things, but I couldn't help myself :)