Monday, January 14, 2013

excited for catching fire!

Okay, I'm a huge Hunger Games fan. My friends know I've seen the movie plenty of times - I even saw it multiple times in theaters, and I've never seen a movie more than once in a theater. It's just so good! I'm not an obsessed fan, though. Like I don't have any merchandise, t-shirts, posters, bed sheets (yes, I've seen a whole bed set....why??), or anything else of the like. When Entertainment Weekly released Catching Fire photos in their latest issue, however, I got really excited for the next movie!
The Hunger Games
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  1. I saw the movie and loved it. I am waiting for my books haven't read them yet.

  2. Oh! That's my first look! Is that Finnick in the first one? I can't wait either.

    1. yup, that's Finnick! He's a hottie. Haha. Can't waitttt xo-ally