Tuesday, December 11, 2012

so yesterday I worked out instead of studying for finals

While I did tackle plenty of little random things on my to-do list, none of them involved studying. (At least I was productive in other ways?) But I did a lot of exercise yesterday - a gym workout in the morning and a whole round of YouTube exercises late at night! Why?

The holiday season is the season of baking. I've been getting plates of baked goods from my friends, lots of "hey try my cookies," and even been doing some baking myself. Everything is so delicious! I totally think that it is a-okay to have lots of treats during the holiday season :) and, who am I kidding, I eat at least a little chocolate every day. Though yesterday I got a stomach ache from all this yummy goodness, went to bed, and woke up with one too. As much as I love treats in the holiday season, overload makes me feel gross and sluggish. A workout can turn that around in an instant!

Even though I had gone to the gym yesterday morning, I wanted to go back last night. Since it was about to close, I turned to my all-time favorite YouTube exercise videos: Blogilates!! Cassey from Blogilates is so happy, energetic, and motivating, and I love her workouts - especially when I can't get to the gym! Here are the ones I did last night - try them yourself and let me know how it was!

Bloat Be Gone Workout
Was a great one to start out with.

The 1000 Workout
One of my favorites!! My arms were dying by the end and I was working up a sweat! Great mix of cardio and strength!

Plank-a-thon Pilates Workout
Yeah, I attempted this one, but halfway through my arms gave out on me! I really worked my arms in the 1000 workout....haha. So then instead of using my arms I did the....

Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge
This has been one of my favorites since the summer! It's great for strengthening those pesky inner thighs. You also get an ab workout too. This exercise also has also helped me improve my toe touches, which I'm always looking for for dance team.

So I really should start studying for my biology final.....


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