Monday, November 19, 2012

taylor swift's "red" album


I have to admit, I didn't have the highest expectations for Taylor Swift's most recent album. I've been a big fan since her first album and the others as well. (My first concert was Taylor Swift in 2009!) 
Though when I first heard We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I thought her album was going to go in a completely different direction and I wouldn't like it.

But I was wrong. I love it! It didn't take long to get hooked on her music. Quite a few of her songs are similar to her old stuff (like I Almost Do, Red, and Ours), some songs are really pop-y (like 22 and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together), and I Knew You Were Trouble even has a little dubstep! The versatility is what makes this album so interesting, and I cannot stop listening.

My current favorite songs off this album: Red, Starlight, 22, and I Almost Do.

Do you like T. Swift's newest album? What are your favorite songs from it?


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