Sunday, November 25, 2012

pretty interiors: bright colors, mixed prints, and lots of natural light!

Lately I've been loving all the Pinterest-y home decor photos I've been seeing. Many people use their home-themed pinboards to plan redecorating a room or moving into a new house, but for me, my board is simply filled with decor I adore. Maybe after college my future big girl house and big girl furniture will be inspired by these photos!
beautiful prints
striped floors
exactly how I want my future home - lots of natural light, hardwood floors, white ceiling and countertops
so relaxing
This one's from yesterday's post but I just had to include it ;)
Love it!
Andddd this post would not be complete without a photo of a beautiful closet! Oh, and look at that lamp.

All of these are so different, but have at least one element that I love: bright colors, mixed patterns, or tons of natural light!


[photos from pinterest and tumblr]

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  1. I looooved this post! Super inspiring photos!
    Im all about decorating my room right now!

    I just started a new blog!
    I would love that you could step by and follow if you like!