Sunday, November 11, 2012

a little etc.

A few random things I've been loving lately:
This dress from H&M.I saw it at the new store that opened up here recently, and they didn't have my size! It's online too but online shopping on is not yet available in the US. Darn! It's the perfect mix of current trends: peplum, exposed zipper in the back, and digital floral. It's a great deal for $35, and I might head back to the store to see if I can get one soon...

My new makeup powder brush by Too Faced. I use it for bronzer and it is by far the best face powder brush I've had so far. The bristles are so soft, and how cute is that little black bow? I'll pay a little extra for a nice, soft makeup brush that will last.

Okay, back to homework. I'm exhausted from this week and it hasn't even started yet!



  1. Super envious of that brush!!! SO SO cute!!!