Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I hate coats, but...

Wool Buttermere Duffle Coat
Yes, I hate coats. Well, I love that they keep me warm. I dislike the need to wear them, because I dislike being cold. I'll enjoy the fall/winter time of year for about a month (maybe less) before I am ready for spring/summer again. Occasionally, however, a nice coat will catch my eye and I suddenly don't hate coats as much as I thought. Yesterday I stumbled upon this beauty from Tuckernuck. I really like the plaid detailing in the hood. It's $499, and I do have a 20% off coupon...hmm, maybe it'll just have to go on the Lust List.

The weather is still sunny in the 80s where I am, so I am still in shorts-and-sandals mode. Seriously, guys, the first official day of autumn doesn't even start till 9/22. This coat has me thinking about warmer clothes, though.

How is the day-after-Labor-Day treating all of you? Are you still wearing summer clothes, or are you transitioning your outfits into fall?


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