Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fashion for fall - start simple and add accessories

Lately, I've been getting a ton of repins and likes on this pin (below). As of today, it almost has 600 pins and about 150 likes. It's my most viral pin (most of my pins get 2-5 repins, if even, haha) and it has some great outfit examples! (Note: I didn't create this - I found it on tumblr! Sources are below).
fall outfits

Source for the pin: [photo-pinterest]
I pinned this from this tumblr, where it was originally posted from this tumblr. That tumblr links back to this pin, which links to the polyvore outfit here.

What a tangled web of social media! It took quite the effort to find the original source (cough, you're welcome, ladies). If you like the outfits above, the creator has more great outfit ideas on their polyvore page.

All of these outfits are great examples of what to wear to look casual yet put-together for fall. All of these outfits have the same formula, making it super easy to get dressed in a flash if you don't know what to wear.

the formula.
skinny jeans or leggings
baggy shirt or button-down
leather boots

then all you need to do is add accessories.
metallic jewelry (goes with everything)

These fab outfits are so simple to create! It's nice to know that a simple outfit formula can go so far.


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  1. It's awesome. I can see why It got repined so many times!

    xo, Emily