Friday, May 18, 2012

tumblr friday #1

Ah, what a week. Finals are over and I am still busy. What?! I guess it makes sense that having an internship, taking a 400-level summer class, and looking for Zumba jobs on top of finishing up yearbook work and blogging that make me busy. Though I did have time to catch up on season finales of shows I missed during finals. And The Bachelorette. Am I the only one who still watches it? I love watching random reality TV shows in the summer; it feels like a very summer-y thing for me.

I wanted to use this post to introduce Tumblr Friday, where every Friday I will post a few beautiful (or funny or cute or awesome etc.) photos I found floating around Tumblr! Enjoy :)
Not only do I love her outfit, but the dog is so adorable! Even the leash matches ;)
I cannot get over how GORGEOUS this photo is! 
I don't think I've ever seen a metallic cake. So cool.
So diva


*All photos from my tumblr

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