Tuesday, February 21, 2012

february and the color pink

Earlier this month, I was at the paint-your-own-ceramic shop with dance team. While walking by the holiday examples, I said, "I love Valentine's Day, because everything is pink!"

This comment received some laughter, some "oh typical," and "of course Ally would say that..."

The same thing happened with the word "sparkles." But let's not get into my love of everything glitter...though I will mention that I think glitter should count as a color.

Anyway. I thought I would share some pretty pink pictures! Because who doesn't enjoy looking at beautiful/cute/inspiring images? (Cough, cough, Pinterest addicts? I do love Pinterest.) 

You can find these photos - with the source credits - on my Tumblr. Don't worry, not all the photos on my Tumblr are pink. Here are a few of my faves that are pink:
Inspiration is only better written in pink
Peonies, my favorite
Pink furniture
More home decor
Makeup brushes!
A calm, blush pink dress
Hot pink typewriter
Painted apple
Fashion advice to live by

If you have a blog on Tumblr, feel free to link it up in the comments and I'll take a look!



  1. Love the Rachel Zoe quote!


    1. Me too!

      by the way, just followed your tumblr - loveee it!!